What is vBucks and how to get them for free?

How to get more currency for the cosmetics in the game Fortnite? There are many ways to do it. The Fortnite is the battle royal’s one of the greatest game in the world. It is no surprise to know that the large part of its gains comes in the internal aspect of the game item shop. Here the players can be able to buy cosmetics with the real time currency. They do not offer any type of benefit to the overall game but yet it is done to make the game look fantastic.

To get the superb cosmetics you can spend the real time currency by exchanging the v-bucks. With the help of these bucks you can buy latest outfits and new pickaxes and other tools for the characters in the game. There is another type of thing called as the battle pass which gets you the different form of the advancement in the matches. A new thing is introduced at the beginning of every game. It also contains the new cosmetic gear to help you play the game and finish all the challenges.

At the moment the one way to get the v-bucks is to use the real time cash. You can select the bundle of cash that suits your budget. However if you do not have any money at the moment it is not all that bad because there are other ways for you to get the v-bucks. For the people who have lots of time but no cash there are functional methods for you too. There is one demerit; you have to purchase the Save the World PVE component of the game which is available for the single players. This option is available for fewer prices sometimes but you have to keep an eye out always on the store for any surprising turn of events like price reductions on the goods.

  • Get free v-bucks for frequent logins

This is easiest way to get the v-bucks but it is also slow. Logging in the game will get you the cash in small amounts daily. The bonus too resets.

  • Free bucks for the battle challenges

Each of the weeks the players are required to pass three weekly challenges. It will consist of finding the particular items with the help of the map and destroying the enemies. When you use some if your time in the game for these activities you can get the v-cash you desire.

  • Free bucks for the daily journeys

When you access the core of the Fortnite you will get rotating missions from the frequent quest systems. Once you have get pass all the ones You will be able to invest more of your time in the battle royal mode. For instance in the daily destroy arcade machines you will get 50 v-bucks for destroying the arcade machines and there are still many more v-bucks waiting for you for the successful completion of the quests.

These are the ways to get the v-bucks. Also check free v bucks hack